• 2 New York or Rib-Eye Steaks – Thick Cut 1”-1 ½” inches
  • 2-3 TBL Som’ Good “Garlic-ky” Alaea Salt Seasoning
  • 2  TBL Olive Oil


  • Remove steaks from the refrigerator, dry with a paper towel, and apply a generous full rub of “Garlic-ky” seasoning top and bottom of each steak.
  • Place in a plate and let stand for 2-3 hours to bring steaks up to room temperature and start the seasoning process
  • Add olive oil into the frying pan, turn the heat on high to get the oil smoking hot. Carefully lay your steaks onto the hot pan.
  • Cook the first side for 5-6 minutes (depending on the thickness of the steak) and flip the steak over to cook the top side.

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Garlicky Steak Prep
Garlicky Steak Finished Product