Embrace the Essence of Hawaii…from the bounty of its beautiful “aina” (land) and deep pristine waters..seeped in ancient Hawaiian traditions, live the “mana” — the spirit of our Islands.

Found nowhere else in the world, Hawaiian Sea Salt is drawn from waters, pure and untouched for a thousand years…from depths of 2200 feet off the Kona Coast. These ancient waters produce one of Hawaii’s most precious Gifts.

Island Essence

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Borne of these waters are pristine white Salt crystals, naturally dried in the warm, Hawaiian sun, hand harvested without adulteration of chemical processes. Rich in potassium and trace minerals, 33% lower in sodium than table salt, with a high alkaline PH factor. Taste the Difference as the essence of Hawaii permeates the incomparable flavor of Hawaiian Sea Salt.

Our Salt is produced in Hawaii and conforms to the State’s regulations in its production, labeling and representation as Hawaiian Sea Salt. Of note:  Salt from the US mainland or any region outside of the State of Hawaii may not be labeled or represented (including as an ingredient) as Hawaiian Sea Salt or Hawaiian Salt.

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Using only the best ingredients, we make our products with aloha.

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Our company is owned and operated locally — we even do the cooking demonstrations.

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Kona Hawaiian Sea Salt and Alaea from our islands. And our sauces are made right here!


Hand crafted products, from tried-and-true to new and innovative.

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