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Sea Salt

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Embrace the Essence of Hawaii...from the bounty of its beautiful "aina" (land) and deep pristine waters.....seeped in ancient Hawaiian traditions live the "mana", the spirit of the Islands of Hawaii.

Nowhere in the world will you find waters, pure and untouched for a thousand years...Drawn from the depths of 2200 feet off the Kona Coast, these ancient waters produce Truly One of Hawaii's Finest Gifts..

Sea Salt

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Borne from these waters are beautiful white crystals of Salt, naturally dried in the warm, Hawaiian sun, hand harvested without compromise by chemical processes, rich in potassium and trace minerals, 33% lower in sodium than table salt, and with a high alkaline PH factor. Taste the Difference as the Essence of Hawaii is imbued in the Hawaiian Sea Salt's incomparable flavor.


The origin of this Salt as produced in Hawaii conforms to the State's regulations in its production, labeling and representation of the Salt as Hawaiian Sea Salt.  Contrary to popular belief, Salt from the US mainland or any region outside of the State of Hawaii cannot be labeled or represented in any product as Hawaiian Sea Salt or Hawaiian Salt.


Hawaiian Sea Salt
Seasoning Blends

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"Taste the difference."

— Honolulu Magazine

Blended with natural herbs and spices, the Hawaiian Sea Salt Seasonings, with its inviting aroma and island flavor, will envelop your senses and tantalize your taste buds to keep wanting more. Having the base of this product as 100% Pure, Natural Hawaiian Sea Salt, there is no other premiere Seasoning blend that is truly authenticated as Hawaiian. Taste the Difference as the Hawaiian Sea Salt Seasonings will surely capture the hearts of all who come to love the Essence of Hawaii.